Welcome to the animated gif Disney page 2 of Leovacity !
This is the second page of the nice and cool Disney gif animation page, you get the finest Disney animations of gifs to see.
Just make your choise of the animated Disney gif and have a lot fun with the gifs that you may use for free.
And don't forget to come back to take a look for the new gifanimations. The collection of the Disney animated moving pictures here on Leovacity is getting bigger and bigger to make sure that you find that nice and cool gif animation to use for free.
Gif animations are making a site atractive to visit, but the best is that you do not use to mutch animations on one page biceause the page shal load slower by the more gif animations you place one the page !
We have to think on the visitors, some of them have a slow internet connection and hate it when that happens.
Like you see we placed less animations and did make more pages for the best performens.
Animated gifs will run on all levels of browsers.
They don't require special plug-ins and are read by most browsers.
The GIF animation is a little slide show in which two or more slides, or frames, display in sequence to create the illusion of the movement.
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